Moscow Mayor Official Website

Sep 2018

Best of City Day at Flower Jam Festival

Korean Gardening Magazine

Mar 2017

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HGTV gardens

Jun 2015

Wrapping Up the Chelsea Flower Show: Fairtytale Gardens, Prince Harry + Sumptuous Roses

'As is often the case at Chelsea, my favorite gardens were epic show gardens with water features and sculptural hardscape worthy of a New York art gallery and plantings that offered a perfect fantasy garden in a confined space... Pure Land Foundation Garden... blew me away.'

The Guardian: Weekend Magazine

May 2015

Orange is the New White... and five other lessons we learned at Chelsea.  

'Fernando Gonzalez's Pure Land Foundation garden embodies the trend...   Curviest of all are the sparkling white walls of Fernando Gonzalez's garden, which are designed to mimic the mountains of China and look organic rather than designed.'

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Financial Times: Highlights of this year's Chelsea Flower Show podcast

May 2015

The Chelsea Flower Show attracts the great and the good of the gardening world, business executives, and royalty.  House & Home Editor, Jane Owen, a gold-medal winner herself at the show went down earlier... to pick out her highlights:  

Fernando Gonzalez... Very beautiful garden… with planting softening an extraordinary structure”


The Sunday Times: Home

May 2015

The Show Must Grow On: The winning designs and on-trend blooms from Chelsea

'Fernando Gonzalez's Pure Land Foundation garden... the planting was gorgeous: in golds, apricots, and rusts'

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BBC One: Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Episode 12

May 2015

'The finish is a white resin composite.  But the texture of the finish can be anything you want.  It can be bronze, it can be copper, it can be gold.

...the more you use the computer, the more organic the shapes can become.  And this garden was inspired by the mountains, the valleys, the rivers - the landforms of nature.  As Gaudi said there are no straight lines in nature.'

The Irish Times Magazine

May 2015

Fresh ideas from Chelsea: 14 ideas from the Chelsea Flower Show 2015

'... designer Fernando Gonzalez's "Pure Land Foundation Garden"... a wonderful Gaudiesque space of fiery planting and undulating, white walls'

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Garden Guide: The Pure Land Foundation Chelsea 2015

May 2015

The official garden guide to the Pure Land Foundation Garden unveilved at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015. Information includes Sponsor's Message, Garden Inspiration, Featured Planting and Garden Legend.

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BBC One: Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Episode 1

May 2015

'Of course most gardens at Chelsea are designed by computer but this one, the Pure Land Foundation garden just goes that extra mile because it’s designed using software that’s used in the aerospace industry so really- at the cutting-edge.  And in fact, in the manufacture of the garden all of this composite material was cut using computerised cutters with robots, so it really is the latest thing.

But and it’s a big but- it’s all so beautifully rounded and soft and organic.  And that softness is very much picked up on in the planting, I love these Golden Rain trees not always seen at Chelsea - three of them on this garden and they create this wonderful sort of dapple shade and that Iris called Kent Pride is irresistible;  and the wonderful bronze colouring just picks up in the geums and this variety of grasses.

For me this garden really shows that you can marry high-tech and nature, beautifully.'

Channel 7: Better Homes and Gardens Episode 17

May 2015

"Nowadays anything can be bespoke  

Your garden doesn't need to look like anybody else's

It will be your fantasy... it will be whatever you want in your garden."

Evening Standard: Homes & Property

May 2015

Chelsea Flower Show: Soak up dazzling displays

'... Fernando has chosen jesmonite as his material of choice for organic, flowing walls and seating in his Pure Land Foundation Garden... although it might take a while before jesmonite, used at Buckingham Palace, filters down to your local DIY store."

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Homes & Gardens: RHS Chelsea 2015: in search of a little peace and quiet

May 2015

"’s more than likely that someone, somewhere, at some point between now and the end of the week will crave a moment’s peace, and perhaps the garden that Fernando Gonzalez is busy creating for Pure Land Foundation will be the place to go."

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Gardens Illustrated: Chelsea Flower Show our preview of the best gardens, plants and trends

May 2015

'... it's the Fresh gardens, as might be expected that show a more cutting-edge use of materials... Fernando Gonzalez shows how the casting resin Jesmonite can be cut, using technology from the aerospace industry, to make a shimmering organic structure that interplays with the relaxed planting"

The Times: Bricks & Mortar

Oct 2013

Finding Fame in Fitzrovia

"These start at £9.25 million... plus a terrace that ranges from 1,600 sq ft to 3,100... The gardens on these terraces have been designed by Fernando Gonzalez, a Chelsea Flower Show medal-winner."

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The Telegraph: Chelsea Flower Show 2013 Awards

May 2013

"... Silver-Gilt Floral Medal:

Sponsored by: Viking River Cruises

Designed by: Fernando Gonzalez"


BBC: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013

May 2013

"He's used acrylic stone in the design... 'The Sound of Silence'... making a bold statement"


La Nueva EspaƱa

May 2013

"Fernando Gonzalez reaches the Champions League of Gardens"


Surfacing: Hi-Macs in award winning Zen enigma at Chelsea Flower Show

May 2013

"Fernando Gonzalez executed his striking Japanese Zen garden design with thermoformed mountains made of solid surface Hi-Macs"


The Guardian: The A-Z of the Chelsea Flower Show

May 2013

"Big-Name Designers... 

The Marmite moment may well be provided by The Sound Of Silence, designer Fernando Gonzalez's take on Japanese zen gardens: it features a single bonsai tree, ripples of acrylic "stone"..."


Stylist Magazine: Celebrate 100 Years of Flower Power

May 2013

"Chelsea Flower Show is the gardening world's answer to Fashion Week... Show manager Sarah Easter gives a heads up of the trends expected... a Zen-inspired space called 'The Sound of Silence'"


Garden Guide: Sound of Silence Chelsea 2015

May 2013

The official garden guide to the Sound of Silence Garden unveilved at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013.  Information includes Garden Inspiration, Featured Planting and Garden Legend.



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The Garden Magazine: Chelsea at 100

May 2013

"RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a remarkable constant, with its continuining excellence in horticulture, innovative garden design and breathtaking displays of the latest plants grown to perfection..."

"Fernando Gonzalez... A garden inspired by the austerity of Japanese Zen gardens...  Sponsor: Viking River Cruises"


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The Outdoor Stylist: Fernando Gonzalez Proves the Chelsea Flower Show is 100 Years Young

May 2013

"By accepting the very innovative designs by Fernando Gonzalez, the show proves it is  embracing innovation and audacity in style.Fernando Gonzalez is probably one of the most daring outdoor designers in the world right now"


Digital Landscapes Architecture Now: 50 Most Innovative Practices Across the Globe

Feb 2013

Fernando Gonzalez, One of the 50 Most Innovative Practices


Saturday Times Magazine

May 2012

“…filled by a sculpture of seats and planters by garden designer Fernando Gonzalez…”

Financial Times: How To Spend It

Aug 2011

"I love my apartment... my favouite room is my internal terrace, which was recently designed by the landscape architect Fernando Gonzalez..."


Madame Magazine

Jun 2010

Fernando Gonzalez: Blurring the boundaries between virtuality and reality



Apr 2010

"at the moment it remains dormant waiting for the perfect conditions in which to infiltrate and replicate itself across our environment."


Le Vif Weekend

Apr 2010

"... with forms worthy of science fiction films... uncompromising"


Avant Gardeners: 50 Visionaries of the Contemporary Landscape

Dec 2009

"…a visionary designer for the contemporary landscape… Fernando’s mode of expression is refreshing…”


Paisea: Landscape Architecture

Oct 2007

"...beyond the ordinary and conventional in garden design through computational technique and inventive manufacturing processes..."


Landscape Architecture

Oct 2006

"...committed to the creation of radically modern outdoor spaces"


Arch Magazine

Oct 2006

"Rooftop Gardens of the Future"